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Start living your life the way God intended you to by understanding the Bible better. BibleU is designed to help you do 3 simple things: understand, interpret and explain the Bible better.


"I'm on a mission to help as many people as I can understand the Bible better!"

Dr. Dharius Daniels

Gain college-level Biblical knowledge without the cost of Seminary!

After years of formal education in seminary and leading a local church for over 17 years, one thing I’m certain of is that a lot of people love God, a lot of people want to serve God, a lot of people want others to know who Jesus really is…

Most don't know how to understand or apply the Bible practically. We want to interpret and explain it to others.

The truth is we WANT to...

  • Interpret the Bible for ourselves.
  • Explain it in a practical way to our friends and family.
  • Know – “Did God really say that”?

But desire alone isn't enough. We need practical methods to read and apply it. That's why I created BibleU, one of the most comprehensive study tools available.


Want to know the Bible better but feel stuck?

 You don't know what the Bible says about your identity.

 You struggle to apply the Bible to your everyday life.

  You find it hard to share your faith with others.

  You desire to interpret and explain the Bible practically.

  You need practical ways to read, study and apply the Bible for consistent growth.

Good news! Our approach has helped thousands of people to learn the Bible better. Now it's your turn to benefit from it!

Join BibleU & Get Better with the Bible!

BibleU is a powerful online program designed to help you understand, interpret and explain the Bible better. With BibleU, you can gain college-level knowledge of the Bible without having to spend a fortune to attend a Bible School or Seminary.

Our program is specifically designed to equip you with practical ways to read, study and apply the Bible to your life. You will learn to interpret the Bible in a way that is relevant to your everyday experiences, and be able to explain it to your friends and family in a way that makes sense to them.

Understand the Bible

Discover the depth and meaning behind Bible passages.

Interpret the Bible

Learn to interpret the Bible in a way that's relevant.

Explain the Bible

Gain the skills to make the Bible come alive for anyone.


Thought-Provoking Clarity!

"I appreciate the practicality in the lessons. The clear and concise way you teach helps me to "copy and paste" in conversations. Thank you for thought-provoking clarity that contributes to my life growth and Kingdom productivity!" – Lydia B.

Everyone Has a Ministry – Let Us Help You Discover, Develop & Deploy Yours!

We call it the "Ministry Gap" – gaps across industries and communities worldwide that need to be filled and we want to equip people to fill those gaps.

  • Discover what your ministry is in this season
  • Develop a plan to fulfill that ministry
  • Deploy your ministry to actually overcome obstacles holding you back

With BibleU Premium, you’ll be equipped with the tools and strategies inside BibleU... AND take your ministry to the next level and achieve your goals with Ministry Mastery Academy!


What Members Are Saying...

Another Powerful Teaching!

"Wow, wow, wow and again another powerful teaching! I absolutely love what Dr. D said about the Word of God and our interpretation of it. – Marvina L.

Simple to Understand!

"Wow! You made that so simple to understand. This is what’s going to help me and I believe a whole lot of other people in this study." – Trevor C.

Awesome Learning Experience!

I'm so glad I decided to do BibleU! Awesome learning experience. – Yvonne M.

Clarity I So Needed!

This is bringing the clarity I so needed. Thank you Lord! – Miguel G

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BibleU Premium


Includes Ministry Mastery Academy!

  • All of BibleU Features, PLUS...
  • EXCLUSIVE access to the Ministry Mastery Academy

  • EXCLUSIVE private zoom trainings from Dr. Daniels

  • ONE BIG IDEA from Dr. Daniels each month sharpening your skills in: Preaching, Systems, and Leadership

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